Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm relaunching Rubber Scars on Tumblr

Five years ago I published a podcast called "Rubber Scars", which was a fragmented series of micro fiction/autobiographical fiction (?). To paraphrase Lynda Barry, the fiction has a lot of truth in it, and I feel free to dress up the truth with fiction.

I've been drawing sequential art based on the original Rubber Scars for a few years now, never settling on an acceptable approach. The original Rubber Scars blog was almost never updated for that reason, but I kept returning to the project obsessively. Recently I've been cranking out pages a little faster, so they'll start appearing once I scan in the originals (which will be a chore as they are oversized):

I'll probably use Czarnina to publish the various pages I've drawn and redrawn while trying to figure out how to make this project work. Incidentally, many images from the post "roughs and randoms" were used to make the first Rubber Scars installment, which was a tiny photocopied comic I made two years ago.

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